Referee Information

2016 IJF Referee and Coach Seminar - Part 1

2016 IJF Referee and Coach Seminar - Part 2

Contest Rules Update - April 2017 Senior Nationals

IJF Rules Adaptation 2017-2020


Texas Judo National and International Referees

International Judo Federation International Referees

Meredith Commender
Mark Oermann

Pan American Judo Confederation International Referees

Andy Connelly
Ian Gerrard
Jeff Leforce
Jim Webb

USA Judo National Referees

Manmohan Chima
Edie Connelly
Jim Haynes
Mike Heilman
Chuck Herold
Ira Kessler
Oleg Knowingkov
Geoff Kong
Atilano Perez
Dudley Raybon
Theo Schwalm
Buck Snider
Nick Tucker

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