Notes on Texas Judo Promotions


Junior promotions - $5

Senior promotions - $10

Black Belt promotions - $25 for shodan and nidan and $50 for sandan and above in addition to the USA Judo fee

Promotion Recommendation Form

Rank Recognition

Texas Judo is a Group B member of USA Judo; therefore, all promotions issued by Texas Judo are recognized throughout the United States.

Other promotion authorities within the United States are USA Judo (and its affiliated members), the United States Judo Federation and the United States Judo Association. If a judo rank comes from any another organization, it cannot be recognized by Texas Judo.

Should a competitor decide to compete outside the United States, Texas Judo can arrange for members to receive a rank promotion certificate from the Pan American Judo Confederation and the International Judo Federation. The International Judo Federation is the world governing body for judo.

Founded in 1882, the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan, is considered by many to be the most prestigious rank promotion certificate for a serious judo student to obtain. Texas Judo can arrange for members to receive their rank promotion certificates from the Kodokan. It should be noted that the Kodokan has their own system and does not recognize rank certificates from anywhere but the Kodokan.

Kodokan Recommendation for Promotion Form

PJC and IJF Certificate Request Form

Texas High Dan Ranks

Belt Colors

For junior athletes:

Gokyu - yellow belt

Yonkyu - orange belt

Sankyu - green belt

Nikyu - blue belt

Ikkyu - purple belt

For senor athletes (generally 17 and over)

Rokkyu - yellow belt

Gokyu - orange belt

Yonkyu - green belt

Sankyu - brown belt

Nikyu - brown belt

Ikkyu - brown belt

Shodan - black belt

All promotions requests should be sent to:

Texas Judo Promotion Chairman
P. O. Box 815342
Dallas, Texas 75381-5342.

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